What’s your ‘meaningful work’ to do in the world?

Enspiral is a network of people helping each other to do more stuff that matters.

You can do work you love, with people you love, on the biggest issues of our time and get paid well for it.

At Enspiral we encourage and support each other to do just that.

We’re a collective of individuals who not only believe in, but practice a new way of organising.

We share money

We add money into the middle and collectively decide how to spend it using facilitated Co-budgeting.

We share power

We nurture a culture of collaborative decision-making and transparent agreements, all mediated via Loomio.

We share information

Our Handbook of processes and agreements is open-source and we share our stories on Medium.

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More people working on stuff that matters.


Michal Korzonek

Facilitation Artist and Wizard of Cards, catalysing the transition towards regenerative way of living. You will find me publishing open-source documentation and hosting gatherings and voyages between forests, oceans, and volcanic rocks.


Helping people work on stuff that matters